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Asset Value Investors (AVI) is an employee owned asset management company. Our primary goal is to achieve the long-term growth of our client's capital through the management of a global stock portfolio. We strive to be a premier investment firm providing consistently superior performance by identifying valuation anomalies and focusing on investing where the market price does not reflect the estimated intrinsic value.

Our distinct value oriented and low risk investment approach, which has been in place for nearly 25 years, is to find undiscovered value among high quality assets.

AVI - investment philosophy
  • Buy companies on substantial discounts to net asset value
  • investment holding companies on wide discounts
  • companies with a strong balance sheet and good quality of underlying assets
  • seek anomalies
  • under-researched situations
  • situations where the underlying assets are not recognized or are misunderstood by the market
As at 31 December 2013 Funds under management total over £1.2 billion ($2.1 billion).