About us

Asset Value Investors (AVI) was established in 1985 to take over the management of one of the oldest listed investment companies in London. Our distinctive approach of investing in family-controlled companies, closed-end funds and asset backed situations is still a unique combination 37 years later.

We offer investors a specialist research driven approach in a global portfolio and a Japan specific portfolio. For more information about the funds please click here.

Investment philosophy

Our value orientated long only global equity investment strategy is aimed at investing into companies who themselves own good quality, undervalue businesses and whose net value exceeds the share price the company is currently trading on.

We are fundamental bottom up stock pickers and our aim is to:

  • Invest mainly into Family Controlled Holding Companies, Closed-End Funds and asset backed companies;
  • Identify good quality, under-researched companies whose underlying assets are misunderstood or not recognised by the market;
  • Buy companies with a strong balance sheets and good quality underlying assets trading on discounts to their net asset value;
  • Diversify risk by investing into companies who themselves offer diversification by having multi-faceted and dispersed underlying businesses;
  • Engage in constructive engagement with boards and management to increase shareholder value.