Finding undiscovered value among high quality assets

Investing primarily into family controlled holding companies, closed-end funds and asset backed companies.

Seeking long-term capital growth by following a distinct, value orientated approach which has been in place since 1985

Offering a range of products to suit the needs of our investor base

Our goals is to achieve attractive long-term returns by:

Investing into a concentrated portfolio of stocks
Following our distinctive long-only, value, bottom up investment style
Seeking out good quality, neglected securities trading at a discount to their NAV
Active involvement to improve shareholder value
Offering a contrarian benchmark agnostic bias
Provide diversification due to the nature of our holdings

AVI's Funds

AVI Global Trust plc

Established in 1889, the Company’s investment objective is to achieve capital growth through a focused portfolio of investments, particularly in companies whose shares stand at a discount to estimated underlying net asset value. The Company has followed AVI’s distinct investment style since 1985 to achieve superior long term returns.

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AVI Japan Opportunity Trust

AVI Japan Opportunity Trust (“A JOT” or “the Company”) invests in a focussed portfolio of over-capitalised small-cap Japanese equities. Asset Value Investors will leverage its three decades of experience investing in asset-backed companies to engage with company management and help to unlock value in this under-researched area of the market.

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AVI Family Holding Companies Fund

The AVI Family Holding Companies Fund (the “Fund”) is an Irish Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Fund (QIAIF). The Fund invests into listed family-backed holding companies globally taking advantage of the inefficiencies in holding company structures.


About us

AVI was established in 1985 to manage the assets of one of the oldest listed investment companies in London. Our distinctive approach of investing in family-controlled holding companies, closed-end funds and asset back situations is still a unique combination over 35 years later.

Today AVI manages over £1.2bn across all its products.

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AVI strives to identify valuation anomalies and focusing on investing where the market price does not reflect the estimated intrinsic value.

Our aim is to deliver long-term return returns with relatively low volatility by:

Investing in companies and funds trading on a discount to their net asset value
Identifying good quality underlying assets with appreciation potential at compelling values
Offering a specialist bottom-up research driven approach
Employing over three decades of investment experience to look for catalysts to narrow discounts
Actively engaging with management and Boards to release hidden value
Taking a long term benchmark agnostic approach

Our approach to value investing

  • We aim to buy companies trading at a discount to NAV
  • We are benchmark agnostic
  • We look for catalysts to narrow the discount

We monitor

  • 100+
    European Holding Companies
  • 100+
    Asian Holding Companies
  • 650+
    Non-US listed closed-end funds
  • 100+
    Property Companies conglomerates

Detailed models for c.400 companies

European Holding Companies

Discount range from 75% discount to 25% premium

Property Companies

North America, Europe and Asia.
Discount range from 50% discount to 15% premium

Closed-end funds

Non-US listed closed-end funds majority London-listed.
90% discount to substantial premium


Conglomerates and other asset backed companies