Our process

We aim to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies whose shares are trading at a discount to what we perceive to be their estimated net asset value.

Risk Management

AVI’s value investment process strives to identify and mitigate downside risks in all market environments.

We seek to construct a discounted portfolio of stocks consisting of companies which due to the geographic and sector diversification of the underlying assets are less likely to display high correlations to the market.

AVI’s risk management techniques include thorough qualitative fundamental bottom up research to establish the company’s real value. We monitor our holdings on an on-going basis and our in-house OMS system contains an automatic alert system which alerts us of any breaches of built-in risk parameters.

The investment management team holds regular meetings discussing the portfolio with a view to reassess, sell or buy securities and to discuss current cash position as well as sector and geographic weighting.

Company Risk
  • Business risk
  • Balance sheet risk
  • Shareholder analysis
  • Regular meetings with management
Portfolio Risk
  • Currency risk
  • Geographical concentration risk
  • Sector concentration risk
  • Stock concentration risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Daily monitoring of positions
  • Monthly investment meetings
  • Reassessment of positions